• About us


    Ramsgate is an exciting seaside town in Kent.



    The team includes Lila Allen (Editor), Jen Brammer (Advertising Director) and Lizzy Tweedale (Designer).


    Parties, exhibitions, openings, shows: there's so much happening here and the town is changing fast. We thought it was the right time to show off the town in a new publication. The magazine is the sister publication to the Margate Mercury, launched in June 2016.

  • A big thank you to our awesome Kickstarter backers who made the Ramsgate Recorder possible:

    Kate, Rob Kenyon, Ian Dodds, Trudi, Rosie Tweedale, Kate Elizabeth Williamson, Kaitee, Anja Dreyer, Gemma, Kavel Rafferty, Gary Marshall, Third Party and Mischievous Theatre, Stephen, Wednesday Lyle, Jane Ellison, Pippa Freeman, Emma Blau, Rose Ratcliffe, Karen Elderton, Palace Cinema, Kem Pink, Ellen Wainright-Lee, Peter Barnett & Lizzie Fright, Claudia Wünsch, Anthony Marshall, Chloe Ralph Harding, David Jennings, Gabriel Holland, Zuza Czarniavska Atkinson, Bed Edmonds, Ada Helin, Joseph Dance, Jess Search, Chris Pitchford, Daisy, del Renzio & del Renzio Architects, Mike Garner, Naomi, Joanna Alpe, Laura McCarthy, Polly Coburn, Jill and Robert Freeman, Carol Cooper, Illisia Adams, Tamsin Landells, Susan Dunn